About us

About Us

We are so proud to have the distinction of delivering the magic of Christmas to thousands upon thousands of children and adults throughout North America and beyond! Our crew works diligently throughout the year on new website features, streamlining our mailing and shipping operations, and identifying exciting new gifts, products, and services to make available to you. We truly have the best job in the world!

Meet Our Leadership Team!


Kelly, General Manager

Always with a watchful eye on his computer screen, Kelly oversees all of SantaSentMeALetter.com's website operations, online marketing, and information systems. Kelly makes sure that you can chat or call our office with questions, create an account log in, and track your order anytime day or night. One part creative designer, one part developer, and 3 parts official Christmas elf.


Jayson, Associate General Manager

After years as executive in charge of egg coloring for the Easter Bunny, Jayson is excited to join SantaSentMeALetter, spearheading product development and new initiatives. Jayson will be working to bring you new ways to deliver the magic of Christmas to family and friends (keep an eye out for new greeting cards and gifts). During our busy holiday season, you will find Jayson assisting Santa and the elves with the speedy delivery of all of Santa’s mail!   


Jane, Customer Service Elf

With warmth that could melt even the North Pole, Jane is your window into Santa Sent Me A Letter. Answering the phone with a smile and a determination to get things done, Jane’s sole mission is to make your customer experience a pleasurable one. She is there to answer your questions and help you through the ordering process. In addition, she supervises Santa’s elves and assists them with your orders so that your letters are sent out seamlessly, arriving exactly where you want them and when you want them.  You can trust that she will not rest until your needs and expectations are not just met, but exceeded.


Grace, Customer Service Elf

Grace hails from the American Southwest and doesn't mind the winter cold of the North Pole. Her favorite part of the holiday season is helping people from all over the world bring Santa's magic to kids. She also loves making homemade ornaments, holiday desserts, and drinking peppermint tea. Grace is the official North Pole cookie inspector!




Steve, Customer Service Elf

From a young age, Steve proved himself to be one of the North Pole’s most efficient and process-oriented elves.  So when Santa handpicked him to be a customer service elf, Steve jumped at the opportunity, and he does not take his role lightly!  From taking customer calls and reviewing orders to ensuring that every wax seal meet's Santa's strict quality guidelines, Steve works tirelessly around-the-clock to ensure that your orders are fulfilled correctly and in a timely manner.  And when your letter is finally postmarked and processed for the United States Postal Service, you can rest assured that the finished product also has Steve’s personal stamp of approval.