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Only 5 days left to order for 2022!!
Our Nice List and North Pole Packages are sold out for the season.

WHAT MAKES OUR LETTERS SO SPECIAL? Each of our letters are 100% personal and customized for each child - by YOU. Crafted on Santa's own high-quality custom stationery, Santa's letter is a classy and elegant keepsake that is only available here. Also, each letter from Santa is postmarked with a custom postmark from the North Pole (not just a stamp). Finally, Santa seals each letter by hand with his own wax seal. These features guarantee that our Letters from Santa are one-of-a-kind and will deliver the magic of Christmas to your family every time!

See a FULL FREE PREVIEW of your letter before your order. You'll get to see exactly what your letter will look like.
With your approval, Santa will sign it and send it.


The Original Letter from Santa


Our basic package featuring a 100% personal letter from Santa at the North Pole! Choose from up to 15 different customizable templates to personalize, or you may choose to write your own completely unique letter from Santa. The choice is yours.

The Nice List Package (SOLD OUT FOR 2022)


Our acclaimed Original Letter from Santa package PLUS an Official North Pole Nice List ID Card included. Each ID card features a custom full color design with your child's name printed right on the front of the card! Just like a grown up credit card but without the bill!


Santa's Magic Key Package 


Santa's magic brings this key to life and allows ONLY SANTA to open the door on Christmas eve when there's no chimney for him to use! This key is a custom made extra large pewter key that will become a wonderful family keepsake and ornament for years to come. 


The North Pole Package (SOLD OUT FOR 2022)


The magic of Christmas is delivered to your door with this all-inclusive package.